Our Mission

Everyday Save our Benefits Maryland is working on behalf of Maryland families to fight against efforts to drive up the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs in Maryland.

Make Prescription Drugs More Affordable
The cost of prescription drugs is at an all-time high with families struggling to keep up while Big PHARMA rakes in record profits. Save our Benefits Maryland works to ensure the prescription drug marketplace values competition instead of monopolies, which leads to lower prescription drug costs and more affordable alternatives for patients and their families.
Lower Healthcare Costs for Families and their Employers
Employers of all sizes are experiencing the largest jump in healthcare costs in a decade. In Maryland, Employer-Sponsored Healthcare accounts for over 60% of coverage for Maryland families. Save our Benefits fights against policies that would hamper employers’ ability to provide high-quality, affordable plans that fit the budgets of Maryland families.
Stop Big Pharma’s Money Grab
Big Pharma continues to ratchet up their drug prices at the expense of Maryland families. Meanwhile, they lobby behind closed doors to weaken policies that protect Maryland families, patients, and healthcare affordability. We stand up for Marylanders by fighting against policies and legislation introduced by Big Pharma that make healthcare less affordable and accessible.
Support Patient-Centered Pharmacy Practices
Pharmacies are an important part of our healthcare ecosystem and ensure patients have accessible and affordable access to life-saving drugs. But there are some pharmacies that are actively seeking to increase their own profits over the communities they serve by lobbying for “mandatory dispensing fees” or putting restrictions on Mail order RX. Save our Benefits works to stop these harmful policies form being put into place.

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Save our Benefits Maryland is a coalition of Maryland leaders dedicated to keeping health benefits affordable and accessible for employers and employees.

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